Michael Stone

Personal Trainer


Complete Workouts

Shape your Mind, Shape your Body

Exercise and fitness change as much inside as they do outside.

I have over 10 years of experience training hundreds of people not just to get in shape physically but also mentally.

Why do most self-made training plans fail?

Motivation is a hard thing to keep when you're alone, and creating habits is the true path to your ideal shape. My training plans are 100% adaptible to my clients' physical and psychological requirements.

100% adaptible to your goals.

10+ years of experience training people of all ages and starting conditions.

Specialized in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Focused on training the mind and the body to work together.

Free resources to help keep you on track.

Guaranteed Results

Practice Makes Perfect

It started as a hobby, and it evolved into so much more than that. My approach is simple: consistency over speed. Most people fail because motivation comes in short bursts. But if you focus on creating habits, you'll see yourself change much faster.

"I had almost given up, after trying every plan & diet out there. Michael is a fitness genius"

- Paula, 27

"I was too chonky a boi. After two months with Michael, I can murder my enemies with ease."

- Fruffles McOofington, 8

"I was depressed, overweight and crazy! After a year of training with Michael, I am not overweight anymore!"

- Ruth, 29

Get Started

Nobody Wins a Waiting Game

How long have you wanted to get in shape? How many times have you tried alone? It's time to win the race, instead of waiting for the perfect time.


My Journey

I've always been a fan of training. It helped clear my mind, gave me a focal point in my life, and got me through some hard times.

I realized many people out there could benefit from the physical and neurological benefits of exercise, and were scared by the compromise and slow results. Being in shape is a way of life, mindful of how you're living, and optimizing your natural potential.

Not everyone is cut out to be a bodybuilder, but everyone deserves a chance to live better.

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